Obama Says He Expects Reality in Intelligence Reports

The U.S. President Obama stated that he had ordered the senior defense authorities to find out if the intelligence reports were altered to reflect an optimistic assessment of the military campaign of America against the Islamic State.

Addressing at a news conference before he left Malaysia to the United States, Mr. Obama stated that he expected the inspector general of Pentagon to investigate the allegations that vital changes were made to the reports from the analysts at the U.S. Central Command called Centcom.

He stated that he does not know what they will discover with respect to what was happening on in the Centcom. He stated that his expectation is the highest fidelity to data, truth, and facts.

Mr. Obama described the internal investigation at Pentagon. Some analysts belonging to the Defense Department state that their supervisors revised the conclusions about the military failures before making a final report.

Lately, Pentagon expanded its investigation into allegations that seized a large trove of documents and emails as the claims are examined. The president stated that altering the reports to make them optimistic would be dissimilar to his wishes.

He added that the has made it clear repeatedly to all the top national security advisers that he does not want them to hold back if the intelligence or the opinions about intelligence, the analysis and the interpretations of data contradict the current policy.

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