Tree Services – Pruning

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Tree Services – Pruning

Pruning is necessary for the good health of your trees. Did you know that in forests, trees essentially prune one another through close contact? In your yard, they need an expert. Call us now and let us keep your trees healthy and green.

Pruning vs. Trimming

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, pruning is done for reasons related to health and safety, while trimming is done primarily for improving appearance. Both types of cutting should be done by a professional tree company to ensure that no damage is done.tree Trimming san antonio

In general, you should not thin the crown by more than 25 percent. When it’s finished, living branches should comprise at least two-thirds of the total height of the tree. Cutting further can be damaging, or even fatal.

Reasons to Prune

Branches can become decayed or infested with insects. Cut them before the problem spreads throughout the tree. Weak limbs can also cause a hazard to property or people.

Pruning should be performed when branches threaten the safety of people or your home. Strong winds can take a branch that is dead or diseased and turn it into a projectile that could crash through a window. The weight of winter ice can cause a branch to fall on a person, crash through a roof, or onto a car.

It may be necessary to thin out the crown of the tree so that air can pass through it more easily. If the growth is too thick and the trunk is weakened, the tree can lean or topple over in a windstorm.

Proper pruning can promote fruit production or flowering during certain times of the year. If you love your prized apples or magnolias, call us to cut them back properly and improve your harvest.

When Tree Pruning  – Less is More

The goal is to remove just enough, so as not to compromise the tree’s health. Removing too many branches makes the entire tree vulnerable to infection, just as an open wound risks human health. It also leaves fewer leaves to perform the task of photosynthesis, which turns sunlight into energy. Knowing how to prune properly will keep the tree healthy. We have been tree pruning since 1993, and have the experience and knowledge you need to do the job right.

Best Pruning Techniques

Pruning Young Growth

Shaping a tree when it is still young promotes the proper formation and prevents problems early. It ensures that the strongest branches – those at the right height – stay healthy. It also prevents the formation of low-hanging branches that can obstruct passageways and rub against your house.

When to Cut

The general rule governing tree pruning is to prune flowering specimens within 30 days after they bloom to keep the growth in a thriving state. Cutting other varieties in late fall and winter, the dormant season, prevents a host of problems such as sap loss. Insects and fungal infections are also unlikely during the colder months. If you have a deciduous variety, your technician will be better able to see the shape, and assess the overall health of the branches when they are bare.

Tree pruning may be mandated by your neighborhood association. If you are unsure whether you need our services, give us a call and let our experienced technicians give you a free evaluation.

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