Donald Trump for Scrutiny of Some Mosques, Syrian Refugee Database

Donald J. Trump said that he would call for surveillance of some mosques in order to combat terrorism following the Paris attacks. He claimed that thousands of people were cheering to see the World Trade Center fall on September 11, 2001. While addressing a rally that took place at Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, Mr. Trump seeking the Republican presidential nomination released the accounts of his apparent support to create a registry of all the Muslims in the country.

He also claimed that he wanted a database of all the refugees who entered the country from Syria. He claimed that they had it before, and they will have it again. It is not clear if the database of the Syrian refugees will be noticeably different from the records that are already kept in the screening by the federal agencies.

Mr. Trump, the leading candidate of Republicans in certain polls has been the most strident one of all the contenders when it comes to the issue of whether to accept the refugee following the Paris attacks. This raises the possibility that extremists can slip in among them. He stated that if he wins the presidency, the refugees will go back and that they cannot stay in the U.S.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump stated that accepting a specific number of Syrian refugees was a humanitarian decision.

Mr. Trump’s call for the surveillance of the mosques came following his statement in the previous week that he supported to close some mosques. He is not the only one who is making calls as Hillary Clinton’s top donor, Haim Saban, also urged the surveillance after the Paris attacks. But, he later stated that he had misspoken.

Otherwise, his speech was a classic performance, humor, mockery and a crowd pleasing stream of boasts. His speech regarding the September 2001 attack raised some controversy.

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