Pest Control – Spiders

Spiders, for many people, can be the pest that evokes the most fear when found in the home. Beyond evoking fear, spiders also produce unsightly cobwebs.

While all spiders are poisonous, few are dangerous to humans. In fact, in the United States, people are five times more likely to die from drowning in a 5-gallon bucket than from a spider bite. That said, there are a few spiders that are dangerous, and many more than can produce a painful sore, so care should be used when dealing with spiders. Spiders do not, however, warrant panic. pest control - spiders

In the United States, the three most dangerous spiders are the hobo spiders in the northwest, the brown recluse in the central states, and the black widow in the southeast. Of those, there’s presently a lot of fear and hype regarding the brown recluse. If you think you’re looking at a brown recluse, you’re probably not, especially if you’re outside of the central states near the Mississippi River. There are quite a few harmless spider species that are misidentified as a brown recluse.

Unlike most other pests in the home, spiders eat other bugs, not leftovers. So, the good news about having spiders in your home is that they are helping you fight the other pests in your home. The bad news is that, since they only eat live insects, you can’t really bait for spiders. That makes them are very difficult to combat chemically.

The single best thing you can do to combat spiders in your home is to reduce the ant and cockroach population in your home. If there’s nothing in your home to eat, spiders won’t stick around in any significant numbers. pest control

Beyond that, you should take steps to destroy any spider egg sacs you encounter.

Finally, an additional tip: outside lights left on attract flying insects, as you’ve no doubt noticed. Those high numbers of flying insects near your outside lights create a perfect place for spiders to feed and reproduce, with some of their offspring finding their way into your home. You may want to weigh the benefits to having an external light near your home left on at night verses the ideal feeding ground it creates for spiders.

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