Have You Had Your Insurance Claim Denied

Rejected Claims

Nothing can be more frustrating than paying your insurance premiums religiously and your claim is rejected when a situation arises that is covered by your policy. You may need to get a legal adviser, but never take the rejection as the end of everything.insurance claim denial

Re-examine your policy

Insurance providers revise their policy terms and conditions. However, your insurer should always inform you in writing of any changes or revisions of policies that may affect the coverage you have taken.

If they have revised the terms and conditions without formally informing you, inform them of their failure to do so. If the rejection was based on such revision and you were not informed, you have a case to settle with them.

Should your insurer base their rejection on policy other than the one you are holding, you can easily rectify the mistake by informing them of their oversight. You can accomplish this by requesting a copy of the policy on which they based their rejection and comparing it with the policy you own.

No insurance company wants to go to court for blunders they have committed and will readily take steps to rectify their mistakes.

Determining the exclusion policies

There are exemption policies that make some claims void. If the rejection of your claim is based on some idea that your claim is covered by one of these exclusion policies, you should make sure that you are able to determine what kind of policy they are referring to.

You should conduct meticulous scrutiny of this policy.  If you find evidence that leads you to believe that your case should not be rejected, you should take action.

Contact the insurance company and inform them that you want to appeal your case. At this point, you might need to find a lawyer to represent you and prove the validity of your case.insurance claim

Determine who is at fault

In an accident, no matter the outcome and regardless of your condition, it is crucial to determine who caused the accident. This is very important if it is proven that the accident was caused by a person other than yourself or by an act of nature. The insurance company has no reason to reject your claim.

If you can prove that the accident was not in any way caused by you or negligence on your part, you may be able to establish that the rejection of your claim is unfounded.

You should not do it on your own

Whether we admit it or not, when it comes to insurance claims, proving that you have the right to plead the case or that you are not guilty of a particular misdeed can be very daunting. Doing it on your own, especially when you are dragged into court, is simply impossible. Thus, you need to seek legal help. Find a lawyer who is reputable and can represent you to reverse your rejected claim


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