Chicago’s John Hancock Center Catches Fire, 5 Injured

A fire broke out on the 50th floor of the Chicago’s John Hancock Center on Saturday. This building is the one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. However, the fire was quickly controlled. The Chicago Fire Department authorities stated that five people sustained minor injuries including a police officer.

A deputy fire commissioner, John McNicholas stated that fire was controlled within half an hour. He stated that the injuries included a twisted ankle and smoke inhalation. The 100 story tower includes residential units, rooftop observation deck, and office. The tower is located on Michigan Avenue, a busy street in the city. The fire drew spectators, and many were standing behind the barricades put up in time for the annual lights festival procession.

For some time, the flames and smoke filled the upper floors as there was steady snowfall. No smoke or fire was actually visible on the lower floors. People continued their shopping at the North Face and Best Buy stores located on the ground floor when the firefighters worked above.

The cause of the fire in the John Hancock Center remains under investigation, and the crews planned to move the fire trucks off the place for the parade that night.

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