Residential Pest Control San Antonio – New Braunfels – Canyon Lake

Residential Pest Control San Antonio – New Braunfels – Canyon Lake

Perimeter pest control involves applying a pest application around the exterior of your home or other structure as part of a prevention program to keep insects from entering. This is a more recent trend in pest control that has developed over the last decade, allowing pest control experts to target insects at their source and keep pesticides outside of the home. Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services San Antonio

This fairly new strategy in pest control is largely possible because of the advances in pesticide technology with new products working better and lasting longer around the home. It has many advantages as opposed to interior service pest control options and has become extremely popular with the clients of our Pest Control Company.

Some of the many benefits of exterior perimeter pest control include:

The convenience for the homeowner of not having to be at home.
Appointments are easily scheduled leaving the owner to take care of regular daily responsibilities and not having to leave work early or go in late. With so many dual-income households, it’s increasingly difficult to allow access to a home during regular business hours and a major inconvenience when it’s a necessity.

Less time is required for exterior perimeter pest control meaning that it is also typically less costly.

The application is odorless, colorless, and reduces the chance of exposure to residents in addition to having a very low toxicity.

There is no harm to your landscape, including soil, flowers, bushes, and lawn.

Exterior perimeter pest control gets pests directly at the source before they invade your home or structure. During regular pest inspection visits, experts can determine what preventative actions can be taken, including caulking pest access points, trimming plant limbs, etc. in order to prevent them from being a nuisance in the home.

A perimeter program such as the highly effective program at our Pest Control Company that can be designed specifically for a homeowner or a business owner’s needs has the ability to protect your living space from invading insects through regularly scheduled outdoor treatments. A typical program includes treating an 8 to 10-foot wide band around the entire structure, treating all areas within this range including grass, driveways or mulched beds, etc.

This works by keeping insect populations to a minimum in the areas that immediately surround the outside of your home to prevent them from entering. It’s an ideal way to control pests without using toxic chemicals inside your home where your family eats and sleeps, and children and pets are likely to be negatively affected.

The experts at our Pest Control Company can design an ideal pest control program for your needs as well as explain how exterior perimeter pest control can benefit your situation.